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The usage of cookies

Two Birds ehf. (from here on “Two Birds”) uses cookies to improve the user experience on our website. Here are detailed information on how we use cookies.

Cookies, what’s that?

Cookies are small text files that browsers pick up when a user visits a website and are stored on the device that is used when the website is visited. Cookies store information that the website uses to improve the experience of the user and to monitor and analyze website usage. That includes remembering preferred settings and analyzing website performance. Cookies also prioritize content on the website based on how the user utilizes the website.

Cookies make it easier for the website or other website to remember the device used by the user on the next visit. Most cookies only collect general information and not information that identify you as a user. Cookies mainly collect information on how the user behaves on the website and where the user is located while visiting the website.

What kind of cookies does Two Birds use?

We use cookies to monitor the performance of the website, language settings and other settings that make it easier for us to service you as a user. By using cookies we try to tailor the content to what the user prefers, to collect statistical data, analyze website traffic, for marketing purposes and for a better functioning website.

We categorize cookies in two ways:

  • Main cookies: Are cookies that have to be in place for the website to performance as it should. They enable us to offer good service in terms of search engines, user areas and other important parts of the website. These cookies are also used to save information on usage of cookies on our website. If these cookies are removed, the user is unable to browse through our website.
  • Performance cookies: Monitor performance and delivery rate of the website, especially the parts of the website that is connected to the user visits. These cookies help us correct errors that can happen. They do not collect information that identifies users.

Other cookes we use

To be able to monitor traffic on our website and continuously improve service, we use other cookies as well. That includes cookies from service providers such as Google Analytics and Facebook so we can better analyze visits to our website. These providers can add cookies to browsers and with that get information for visits on the website. We use these cookies to analyze website usage and to create marketing material and advertisements tailored for a specific target audience. Users can access information on how these service providers use cookies on their websites.

More information on how companies within the European Economic Community use cookies and information on how users can choose not to accept them can be found at Your Online Choices.

How do I block cookies?

It is possible to block cookies in settings for the browser being used. Most browsers offer guidelines on how to block cookies. The website also has detailed information on cookies for most browsers.

We display text at the bottom of our website that reads: “This website uses cookies to make your experience as good as possible. By continuing to use the website you accept our cookie policy.” It is important for users to be aware that he accepts the usage of cookies by continuing to use our website.