Property value in Iceland

The Two Birds indicator (Eignavísir) is based on one of the largest real estate data systems in Iceland. It evaluates the estimated market value of real estate in Iceland. See sample

The model is based on actual data as well as market data, enriched with artificial intelligence. Actual data includes registered purchase agreements, GPS location of property and distance to main services. Market data includes information about properties that are currently for sale in the same neighborhood as the property in question.
The condition and special attributes are important factors in calculating the true value of properties and we therefore encourage potential buyers and sellers to seek advice from professionals when dealing with real estate business.
Please note that the property indicator is currently only available in Icelandic.

Two Birds

A leading innovation company in the field of financial technology. We develop new and user-friendly business solutions for companies in the real estate and financial markets. Our team consists of experts in information technology, financial technology, marketing, law, innovation, and real estate.

Our team

Atli Hólmgrímsson

Director of IT
Atli is a man of the world. He lives both in Barcelona and Reykjavík and is our lead programmer and chief technology officer. Atli has a great understanding of online marketing and a lot of experience as a developer.

Auður Björk Guðmundsdóttir

Two Birds’ passionate leader. With her experience from the insurance sector, Auður is a great asset to the team. Auður loves a good adventure, and Two Birds certainly is one of them.

Árni Rúnar Hlöðversson

Lead developer
Our very understanding and always smiling programmer, Árni, is very knowledgeable in machine learning and AI. He loves Home Alone. A lot.

Guðbjörn Dan Gunnarsson

Director of development & co-founder
Beggi is the man with the ideas and the drive to follow them through. Beggi has extensive experience in web- and marketing tech.

Hákon Stefánsson

Board member
Hákon is a district court lawyer who is well connected with Icelandic innovation companies. His experience as a fintech company leader is very valuable, plus he’s a stand-up guy!

Jóhann Benediktsson

Director of marketing
Jói, as we call him, is a legendary marketer from the aviation industry. He tends to put other people to shame with his over-the-top charisma. Fortunately, he now flies with Two Birds.

Lilja Þorsteinsdóttir

Board member
As a startup and innovation expert, Lilja lends us a hand with a whole bunch of things, ranging from management and marketing to making terrible jokes.

Magnús Þór Jónsson

Senior developer
Maggi is a clever guy. He lives in sunny Florida and works remotely for Two Birds. An innovation expert with years of programming experience.

Reynir Grétarsson

Chairman of the board & co-founder
Entrepreneurship is ingrained in Reynir’s DNA. He has started or helped start numerous innovation companies, the biggest one being Creditinfo, a leading international fintech company.

Tinna Björk Bryde

Director of business development
Tinna is our very own whirlwind. She’s a decisive person who loves to take action and make things happen. Last but not least, she’s well educated in real-estate business.

Þór Matthíasson

Director of business intelligence
Nowadays it’s cool to be a nerd, take Þór for example. He loves analyzing data but is a super-interesting and mysterious guy who travels a lot.


Send us an application
We’re always on the lookout for good people. If you fit the profile, get in touch with us. Maybe you have the talent and personality we’re looking for at Two Birds.

Our areas of expertise

Some people say that a person develops one great talent in their lives. Whether that’s true or not, we know that a company like ours needs people of many different talents to operate well. Luckily we’ve put together a team that is knowledgeable in our main focus areas.

Digital marketing

Online marketing is a skill that many people say they have, but not many do it very well. We truly are experts in the field and know exactly how to market a service or a product online, through various platforms.


Fintech is a broad term, but it is becoming a specialty for many Icelandic businesses such as ours. The financial sector is developing rapidly with technical innovation and initiative. Our financial technology will most certainly aid in the development.


Oh great, another buzzword? Well, not so much. RegTech is a field within FinTech and focuses on making the rule and regulation process smoother and more efficient. It’s widely used for monitoring, reporting and coordinating in the financial sector.

Information technology

The basis for everything that goes on in the digital world. Information technology involves everything from online communication to storing data. In fact, it’s about improving ways to work with data, and that’s what we do.

Machine learning & AI

This is our thing, for sure. Machine learning and AI is about building systems that learn how to process data in a specific way. It improves the results over time as the systems process more data. It’s nerdy, but we love it.